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2024 Spring HSC - Round 7 - Clean Up The Streets

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I've never had this cart, and it's one I've only played once or twice via emulator. I want to give it a good solid try this round. Sega does what Nintendon't: 2 player Double Dragon! Play a single player game, no continues for the primary score.



For one bonus point, get a friend or family member to join in and play the 2-player game. If you have nobody to play with, or don't have 2 controllers, then beat up bad guys in Streets of Rage. Either is acceptable.


This round runs May 27 - June 9.



  1. @wongojack 55,580 (+1)
  2. @BydoEmpire 19,100 (+1)
  3. Roland 18,000 (+1)
  4. @Dashopepper 9,330 (+1)
  5. @fakecortex 6,680 (+1)
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I'll get us going.  I have a physical copy of this game, but I don't think I've ever played it (until yesterday).  From my first few minutes, it seems like it lives up to the reputation and is a great version of Double Dragon.





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Dashopepper 9330 +1

Roland           18,000 +1


A pretty good time. My son really enjoys it.  It’s been awhile since Ive played the nes version but I can definitely say its better then the Atari 2600 I tried playing last summer :)



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I'm not sure but punch seems to have slightly more reach. Here's a tip, to avoid getting hit in a straight fight use punches and always be moving slightly downward on the screen.  If you stay close and just below the enemy while punching, they will either not attack or will attack much less frequently.  If I'm in a 1v1 fight, I am almost always moving diagonally toward the enemy while using punch.  If I get too close, I head butt or jump for a roundhouse which usually knocks them down and I can start over.

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Quick game for me:


DD: 6,680



2-player with my wife (she got the high score). We got to mission 4! (All continues)


We then tried out some SoR, but were upset to find out it was 1-player only :( Good port tho. 

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Played streets of rage
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