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HEX-TI-r Not Working

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Hi I have just received an Hex-TI-r and I can't get the thing to work.


I am getting a red power light on the top board and a green and red light on the board underneath.


I have tried multiple hexbus cables without success.


I turn on the Hex-TI-r, then connect the hexbus cable, then turn on the CC40 and all I get is the I/O prompt on the CC40. I have to unplug the hexbus cable to gain control of the CC40 where I get the error 255.


I tried wiggling the contacts and also separating the 2 boards and slotting them back together.


None of the lights flicker when I turn on the CC40, so appears not to be communicating with it.


I have tried pressing the reset buttons on both of the arduino boards and also tried it with my other CC40, but it makes no difference.


I can attach photos of the Hex-Ti-r as it may have got damaged in the mail.


If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate any help. I don't want to throw the thing in the trash...






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**Update I managed to get the the HEX-TI-r t work** It was a combination of a loose connection between the 2 arduino boards and using a hexbus cable the wrong way round!


It is a nifty little thing and hope to use it with my CC40 and TI74 in the near future...

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14 hours ago, Vorticon said:

It is a game changer for the CC40 for sure. Sadly though, there is very little programming activity happening for that little machine although I have to admit that it's tough to come up with interesting programs on a 32 character one line display...

Turtles has been considering using his CC40 as his calculator of choice in his HS math classes. . .especially with something he can save his data/equations/programs to now.

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