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Help me out! Atari 7800 Set-Up


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I'm totally new to the Atari 7800 system (just unearthed it from the attic). I can't figure out how to connect it to my TV since I don't have the UHF or VHF connectors - just the cable cord - and even that doesn't fit into the TV-Computer box.


Clearly there are some conversion parts to our current TV technology that I'm missing .


Does anyone have suggestions?

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If your still wanting to watch TV along side the 7800 then you need to go to Radio Shack or equivalent in your area. You should be able to find a new RF switch box that will have a small section of coax cable on it to connect to newer more modern cable ready sets. It will also have a coax in for connecting the cable line to.


If you don't plan to watch TV and it will just be a deticated game TV. Then Radio Shack again will have for a cheaper price a coax to F- phono conversion plug. I got the gold plated one for like 2.99 I think. Anyway all I have to do is screw that onto the TV and then plug my 7800 straight to the end of it and turn to channel 3 and Viola! Atari here I come!


Also check the AtariAge page on this issue:



So check that out and all should be made more clear.


Enjoy and welcome back fellow Atarian!

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