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More Additions to Panoramic Froo-Froo

Cousin Vinnie

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Woo-hooo!!! Froo-Froo has been updated big time, and fans of the 7800 will enjoy the 7 Gamepro Mag scans that I put on the site: 5 Reviews and 2 Ads.


Also, the High Score Forum has been updated big time. Compare your highest scores with these awesome showings of supremacy and boredom. Especially the 15,000,000 score on Food Fight.


Cousin Vinnie's Cheap Universe will be up soon, as well as two reviews from Crossbow and 2 more from Granny...



Cousin Vinnie www.bigfishusa.com/7800

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We have got to start optimizing the pics! I am on a fractal T1 here are the office and the Gamepro scans still took a least a full minute to pull up!


If you haven't the means to optimize these things. Then please email them to me and I will see what I can do with the images.


Also...Noticed the title pic for Ms. Pac-man's review is missing.


And Do I need to make them shorter? hehe..I noticed you squashed the whole review itself starting with the Gameplay section.


I will work on the other 2 right now...and maybe get one more done before work ends...

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Well done but keep in mind as you tag-team these reviews:


some are starting to SOUND like two or three people writing them now instead of the very funny Granny...make them as long as possible but try to put more Granny back in them--totally hilarious


keep up the good work

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