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I got my beloved 7800 back!


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About a year and a half ago I moved from southern Cal back to Wisconsin (I grew up in the Chicago area but lived in Wisconsin during my college years). When I moved, I took the bare essentials with me and left a lot of my things in storage in my ex-roomies garage. Well, I finally got around to sending him some money to ship my stuff. I now have my 7800 back and am a happy camper!

I forgot how much I love to play some of my old favorites like Commando, Ikari Warriors and Tower Toppler (now that's a platform game that would be awsome to have an updated, 3D version on a newer console!). I forgot how much I LOVE Tower Toppler! This game is the sh*t! I also have been able to finally try out some 7800 games I bought in anticipation of getting my 7800. Motorpsycho is one of those new games; I love this game! Once you get used to the controls (which aren't that bad, contrary to popular reviewers opinions), especially since you can adjust the sensitivity of the controls anyway. Ballblazer is another new one I have. I had this game on the 8-bit, and it's great for that and the 5200, but the way they "smoothed" the graphics on the 7800, and added in some cool light-sourcing from the ball, it just makes it look a LOT better, the vehicles are even two-tone instead of one solid color. I'm blown away!

Now that I have this baby back, I've got "virtually" every Atari console...the 7800 covers the 2600/7800, my 130xe covers the XEGS, I have the 5200, as well as the Jaguar! I have the Lynx too, but I don't know if it's classified as a "console," since it's portable. I am still missing the old stand-alone Pong and Video Pinball machines that Nolen Bushnell's Atari put out, but I do have a Coleco Telstar Pong (and Plasma Pong on my Defender 2000 Jag cart), and I think Video Pinball is available on a 2600 cartridge isn't it? So the only things I'm missing are the 16/32-bit computers, of course they aren't consoles though...


Was Pong ever put out on cartridge for the 2600?


Well, I just wanted to share my joy with all of you. So I now have the means to play every game for the 2600/5200/7800/400/800/xl/xe/Lynx/Jaguar...once again!!!

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Congrats dude!!! You certainly seem happy to have your 7800 back!


As for your question about Pong being released, the answer is yes, it was released as part of Video Olympics by Atari for the 2600 and as Pong Sports by Sears Telegames for the 2600. (Same cart, different name & label).





The Atari History Site

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