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SECAM 7800 ?


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I live in France and TV standard here is a weird thing called SECAM.


So, the consoles using the TV connector (antenna) are SECAM (like the VCS 2600).


As far as I know, the 7800 uses the Peritel connector instead of the regular antenna connector...


so, I wondering if the 7800 sold in France weren't in PAL ?

because using this type of connector, the signal doesn't need to be modified.


Someone has informations about that ?


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I haven't seen a SECAM 7800 yet, but I know that the PAL ones use a normal TV plug. But on the other hand, most of the later releases of 7800 games came with a photocopied instruction sheet in French stuffed under the shrinkwrap. So the 7800 part of both consoles seems to be compatible. I'm not sure about the 2600 part though. But if you ever find out, I would be interested in this information too. A PAL 7800 with build in RGB output would definetely be interesting.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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I confirm the 7800 came in France with a Peritel Cable.


So you might think what I am thinking about... lol


if the signal isn't coded in SECAM and the video output isn't modified, there are a lot of chances that the VCS 2600 part of the 7800 uses more colors than the 8 colors palette used by the SECAM VCS 2600.


What do you think about that ?

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