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Only because of the funky rectangular connector it uses. Most people will either clip that connector off and then splice it onto a generic with the same power ratings. Or in my case I find it must more reliable to just unsolder the old connecter off the 7800 itself and then reconnect a new more universal one in its stead.

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Off Topic....


Hehhe...Yeah...I was using that Sig Pic a while back also...but I actually had some people think that was guy. So...I had to redden the lips and added the "Crawford" mole just so that mistake wouldn't happen again.


I actually should use something less risque since afterall this is considered a family site and all.

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Originally posted by -^Cro§Bow^-:

Off Topic:


I actually should use something less risque since afterall this is considered a family site and all.



Nah! don't do that, it's great and I'm trying to come up with an answer to it (one that will also reflect on my handle: Gunstar), yet not be to risque either! Family oriented? Only if you consider the average user here (age 25-35) to be the "kids" hanging with their parents here! Most people younger than that and actual "kids" (between 3-18) couldn't give a damn about Atari. They grew up in Nintendo, Sega and Sony's aftermath...Oh, I'm sure there are the occasional users here that are pre-25 years old, but not many. I just turned 33 today by the way guys! I have been playing Atari products since I was about 8 or 9 (a late Bloomer'), or about about 25 years ago!!!

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hehe..thanks for the encouragement there and Happy B-Day Gunstar!!!


Actually although the age group is correct (I am 26 myself), I am referring to those of us who have a family. For instance...frequently at home I have my 15 month old Son sitting on my lap when I browse these messages and answer them sometimes. He also likes to watch my fingers fly all over the keyboard when I type up some of my reviews. Mostly he and I fight for control of the mouse though (He loves the blue LED in my Logitech Optical). Point is, I am sure my wife would rather he not see something like that pic regardless of his age. I have actually stopped browsing here in the evenings or on the weekends when he is awake and with me hehe.


BTW: For those who don't know, my nick originated from the 7800 game of the same name when I first got it in 88. I felt then as I still do now, that Crossbow on the 7800 was a really really good conversion and great game to boot.


However, since then my nick is used all over the place now and regardless of the fact that I have "CROSSBW" on my car's liscense plate, I found that I had to change my nick somewhat. Hence the form you see today.


But...the double "SS" is also a symbol for something else that in my youth meant a lot to me and taught me how to look at the world in the proper aspects sometimes.


See if you can tell what that symbol is...


No prize...sorry. But you would get an "Atta Boy!" from me.




[ 08-12-2001: Message edited by: -^Cro§Bow^- ]

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