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Game Idea: The Matrix: Ataried and Inspector Gadget


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The Matrix: Ataried

You play the role of Neo. You must fight off all of the Mr. Smiths. Your eventual goal undetermined.


Inspector Gadget

You control Inspector Gadget and must move him across the screen beating up the bad guys that Dr. Claw sent after him. You must pick up the clues that you see along the way. The clues do not serve a purpose except for points. The level scrolls just like Moon Patrol, and it is also timed. You must get through the levels before time runs out or Dr. Claws plan will be successful.


Tell me what you think of those ideas. Once I can learn assembler I will try to work on them. Everything that I want to appear in the games may not be possible.

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I smell a challenge. If he wants to be like that then that is fine. I understand that those who have been in the field may be less hesitant to allow others in, but I will prove him wrong. Mark my words.


Are you following my Assembly Language course in the Programming for Newbies forum? It would be good to get some feedback/questions in the lesson threads from a newbie to know what I am successfully communicating, and what I am not.



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