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Castle Crisis Label Contest


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I dunno, Henry Lee put HIMSELF in the label, you gotta award some points for that!


I wish I were a judge. Colin Finch's labels are better for a N64 or something, but I give major points for the cool goofy dragon on label 3. There is nothing dark and postmodern about a 5200, as much as we'd like to think so :D


All three of Jeremy Tirrell's labels are GREAT.. bright, quick title recognition, I have to go for #2 as his overall best, except the flameball should have been reversed so it's incoming vs outgoing.


Manu Parssinen's first entry looks GREAT as well, shows the title clearly, and pretty much sums up the game.


ER.. my man.. o MS Paint master.. you are NEARLY THERE with this label, but you made it too busy and the title is hard to see. A Rev B on this would be kickass, with a more prominent font and maybe reverse the horseman and the trebuchet so they're white or highlighted against the knight you rendered so well (but chopped into ribbon shards because of the limitations of your drawing program).


Can we have a semifinal for the labels? Pick the best 5 and give a week to submit improvements on the original design?



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Thanks for those kind words General Atarian, as you can tell, I tried to make it look like a newer version of the 2600 Warlords picture, since that what the game is but for the 5200 , using brighter colors to make the label stick out more.


This now makes the 7th label design contest I have entered and I keep making old school type label designs for these great new games, but I keep losing to Photo pictures, so I might just start doing for the next contest what most other people are doing.


:D :( :roll:

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CastleCrisisWinner.jpgCastle Crisis author Bryan Edewaard and AtariAge have selected Manu Pärssinen's label as the winning entry in the Castle Crisis Label Contest! Castle Crisis is a new game for the Atari 5200, based on the the classic Atari arcade game Warlords, and written from the ground up by Bryan Edewaard. Manu will receive an autographed copy of Castle Crisis and a $50 gift certificate in the AtariAge Store. His label will grace copies of the 5200 version of Castle Crisis when it goes on sale in the AtariAge Store. Bryan Edewaard has revealed that everyone who entered the contest will have their name hidden in the game. Congratulations to Manu Pärssinen and thanks to everyone who entered!
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I want to say how tough it was to decide. There was a lot of great art submitted and I went back and forth quite a bit.


I wish I could make one of those labels that looks different from different angles (I've forgotten the name of this clever lens technique). That wouldn't raise the cost much, would it Al? :)


Thanks to everybody!



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