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Wolfzerk (work-in-progress)


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VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT nazi propaganda in ANY way, just as little as the original Wolfenstein was.


I've been hackin' around with Berzerk, and here's my prototype of Wolfzerk (Wolfenstein-Berzerk). Things I've changed:


Some of the walls displays swatsikas.

The robots have been changed to nazi soldiers (who do heil hitler-thingys with their arms).

The hero holds a gun in his hand.

Evil Otto has been changed to the just-as-evil Hans Grosse (the first boss in Wolfenstein 3D).


Again, this is NOT nazi propaganda.


What do you think?


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Not bad, Cept almost ever time I died was a cheap death where I was dead the second the screen popped up.


Also too bad you couldn't change the sounds a little. So many Berzerk, Space Invaders, Pac Man hacks but they all have the same sound. Anyone know the secret to hacking the sound on these games?

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Is that still OK in this PC society?


It is only acceptable for a videogame character controlled by a person to use virtual weapons against other video characters provided that the game's instructions describe them as level-3 repeat offenders and are currently attacking the persons' controlled video character.  Otherwise, some means of "videogame character rehabilitation" must be programmed into the game.
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