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Turning Sound OFF


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Look for areas of the program that save values into the audio registers...AUDC0 ($15), AUDF0 ($17), AUDV0 ($19), and AUDV1 ($1A). Then try playing aound with those values (like loading an absolute value instead of one from rom memory). It should only take a few tries to discover which ones do what...and that should lead you to a table that holds the music data.

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That's the thing. Once you locate the routine that handles the music in the game, you can just remove the instructions that are saving the values to those registers (or substitute new values in the table that the values are coming from for a tune of your own).


Search, NOP, try...search, NOP, try...

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Yeah...to find a steady job.


Shucks, you guys flatter me :)

Really, I'm not all that bright...just methods that I've used in the past to hack games on the A800. I've stepped on a few toes before when trying to come up with actual solutions, so I try to just give advice that details how I would go about solving things.


Not only that, but I once tried to make sense of ET's program and was blinded for 3 days ;)


Seriously, when Thomas was looking around the program for the JD routine...I wonder if he made a disassembly of the game?

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PROBLEM! I tried to run ET through DiStella 3.0 and it gave me an error message that says the game is not the right size? Yet Thomas said he did it. What did I do wrong? I used the command distella.exe -pafs E_T.bin > E_T.txt



I'm looking to completely overhaul ET in every way possible. Sound will be key. Color too.


This is the biggest project have ever undertaken in terms of Atari hacking, so you vets will have to excuse my blind ignorance and repeatedly annoying questions.


Thanks to all for the help! :) :) :) :) :)

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It's so nice to be back to my oldself again...Took 3 weeks of pain. Anyway, I am glad to read and sit back and follow everything that is going on. Course my favs are the Homebrewers and Hack authors. They have their differences. A hack as we all know is easy, Homebrewing takes some extreme knowledge. I read, dabble with code, and delete most of my unfinished projects. My learning is from everyone here that contributes to AA. I know I am going to miss a few names here but wouldn't it be neat to have a new thread called Atari New Age Pioneers: Such names: Thomas Jentsch, CPUWIZ, Albert, sku_u, Joey Bastard, Alex, Andrew Davie, Nukey, Stan Jr. Atarius Maximus, NE146 (King of Adult Games) ......Names are in no particular order. I know there are more names worth mentioning..Iacovelli, Slocum, Snailsoft, etc. God the list goes on and on. To everyone here, CHEERS TO YOU, CHEERS TO ME, MAY WE NEVER DISAGREE....BUT IF WE DO, FAR-Q..CAUSE I'M RIGHT.-jk :lol:


In the words of a worn out TROLL: "Keep em coming".



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Hacking is NOT easy, at least not what I am trying to do. True, Homebrewing requires true GENIUS, but some levels of hacking are very hard, while some are VERY easy (My vector hack of Ms. Pac was rediculously easy ;) ) This ET hack is giving me fits, but teaching me a lot at the same time. :)


I owe everything to the geniuses here at AA, Thomas, Paul, Nukey, NE146, plus many more. Thanks!


I'll dig into the sound tomorrow and I'm SURE I'll have thousands of idiodic questions. :ponder:

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