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Unlisted 2600 Carts?


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I have a few carts that weren't listed...


1983 Silver Label Dig Dug

1980 Silver Label Space Invaders

1982 Silver Label E.T. The Extra Terrestrial


I have no idea what availablitity there is for these games, there were other listings for Dig Dug & Space Invaders (of course) but no listing at all for ET The Extra Terrestrial...


any word on it's availability?

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i've looked through the variations listed, all three of these ae different variations from those shown, once I have new batteries for my digital camera I'll post the pics here. The text and dates vary from the listed cart pics to the carts I have...

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We do not have every minor variation included. We may include everything in the future, but there are simply too many (1000's) of variations like that to include at this point.


If you have any *major* variation not listed, please let us know. We do not include date variations in this category.

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That's what my list is for. Check this out: http://www.msu.edu/user/reicher6/labelvar7.txt


I'm in charge of the Atari 2600 label variations list (which I took over form John Earney). I believe you'll find all thoe variations on the list.


BTW, Alex if you want to host the list feel free. I figure more people will see it on your site than mine.



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Thank you Tempest. I still have some looking around to do to get a big list of all the best information resources put together for myself. I'll add your list to it, it seems to have everything listed, and this page has been fantastic too. I've found rarity guide for the intellivision, colecovision, and more also.


I made a deal over the phone with a guy I know this afternoon for about 60 random carts across hte 3 systems. I bought 'em all for 5 bucks canadian


I'm sure I'll put them all to us in assessing my purchase. Either way I'm happy with the deal, I'm sure I can find a load of excellent gameplay in 60 carts


I'm glad I found myself an enjoyable summer hobby, lol, Hopefully I'll carry on with it. I do love classic gaming...

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