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2600 Computer Keyboard Prototype?


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In the later days of the 2600's popularity, I remember seeing an advertisement in a Atari club mailing for a computer keyboard attachment for the 2600. It inserted into layed on top of the 2600 console and plugged into the port for the cartridge. I don't think it was ever sold.


Does anyone remember this or know if the keyboard exist?

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I was wondering about that, why would Atari let Spectravision (or were they Spectravideo by that point?) advertise in a magazine they ran? Especially for a compeating product? The Compumate was actually released in the US (I have one) but in very limited quantities.


Is this the Keyboard in question?





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Here's what your looking for:


The Atari "Graduate" Computer add-on, also known as the Cx-3000 as the model # and "My First Computer"


You'll find pictures of the actual prototype, an internal photo of the motherboard, a sales flyer announcing the peripherals and also the original design documents from Peripheral Visions, Inc. which was the company that approached Atari with the idea and licensed it to Atari to sell:






The Atari History Site

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