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River Raid II


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In the rarity guide, the only variation listed for River Raid II is the special Activison label. However, I have a copy that is plain black with white lettering on it like many other Activision carts. Since there is no scan available, I don't know if my standard label is the only version for the game or not. Can anyone help?





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Originally posted by Pitfall Harry:

You've got the same one everyone else has got. Although it is listed in the Rarity Guide as having a "Special" label, it would more correctly be categorized as a "Black" label. Apparently, a Black label category
has been planned
, but is yet to be completed.


Double Dragon, Kung Fu Master, Rampage and River Raid II,
should all fall under the Black label category, once it is created.
though mostly black, would retain its Special label status.


Well, unfortunately it's a little more complicated than that. We coined the term "special" to mean the second generation of Activision labels that don't follow the cookie-cutter labels that Activision originally used. Perhaps a better term would be "Second Generation". The Black label variation you see is the same style as the Blue labels, but the label is black instead. We only have two of these black labels listed thus far,

Fighter Pilot and Dragster. These two carts are PAL, so we assume that any other black cartridges of this nature are also PAL.


So perhaps what is needed is yet another Activision label style to encompass the black labels that came later, but still had stylized text (like River Raid II, Kung Fu Master, Double Dragon, and Rampage).


The reason the Black label style doesn't have nice pictures of the carts is neither Alex or I have one in our possession. If someone would loan us one that would be great!



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