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What would be a good guage as far as cost of a cartridge bas


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Hi everyone.


I am relatively new to collecting Atari items and given the fact that in South Florida that are virtually no places that I am aware of that sell Atari items, I have been buying items on ebay. I wanted to ask about how to use the rarity guide as a guage for what I should expect to pay for a cartridge.


By that I mean, a common cartridge should be something like 50 cents to about 4 dollars. Something listed as scarce might be between 4 dollars to say 10 dollars as examples.


Could someone help me with a rough translation of what the price range might be? Obviously something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for. For example, someone might need a particular common cartridge that they don't have and might be willing to pay a higher sum that normal just to be able to obtain it.


Thanks for your help. Please try to keep the guide in a table type format. Here is an example:


Rarity cost


common 50 cents to 3 dollars


common + 1 dollar to 5 dollars


scarce 3 dollars to 8 dollars





Thanks again. This will help me determine when I should consider paying more if a scarce or rare item is included as a bundle with common cartridges since I tend to buy cartridges in small groups.

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