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Label Variations


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i wouldnt think so unless its something totally unusual. ( i got 4 ms pacman with copywrite varations. ) if i summited to alex , alebert and hte editor for each copy write varation im sure theyd have me banned from the site or just ignore. it but if its somethign cool and you dont abuse the poolicy of emailing then i dont see why not. ( hint hint ). somethign new to come alex.

os what you go exactly

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Regarding this label variation thing what about when you have the same game but a completely differant serial code? I dont mean when the cart says CX2601 instead of just 2601 but where the 26?? number is actually differant for the same game.


For example, I have three differant serial number versions of centipede(PAL) - CX2677(1982,black label), CX2678(1987, silver label) and CX2679(1988, red label) .This is the only PAL example I have found where a differant serial number is used for the re-release of the same game. Does anybody know of any others?


Does this make any differance to the rarity of an otherwise very common game?

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Really? Are you sure about that? I've never seen anything like that. Can you post some scans?


The only game I know that was released under two different serial numbers was Atari Video Cube and Rubik's Cube (with some very minor differences).



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Just popped home at lunchtime (in UK) to get the carts so I could scan for you and discovered you are correct. Sorry for getting everybody's hopes up!


Please accept my apologies. For what its worth here is the (embarrassing) explanation - Sometime ago when archiving my collection I was inputting as much info as possible onto an Excel sheet, as I have many copies of Centipede when I had grown tired of typing CX2677 over and over again I used the mouse to drag the value down to fill the relevant cells with CX2677. MS Excel being too clever for its own good decided to step the values increasing each cell by 1(as it does when you dont expect it).


So blame Microsoft - if their apps were less intelligent I would never have suffered this embarrassment!


Once again sorry to all that read my last post and suddenly got all exited.

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Does the list you have kindly sent me the link for refer to PAL carts as well as American? I have been looking for a document like this for ages - thanks for providing the link!


The reason I ask about PAL/US thing is that I'm sure (definately this time - I'm looking at it now) I have a copy of Parker Bros Empire Strikes Back with red writing and no border which I always thought was unusual. Let me know if you want scans of the cart.

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don't know if this is of interest (i'm new) but I read on Atariage, that there were just 3 white label activision Pal carts released, well, I have a 1983 frostbite and 84 HERO, both white label and both distributed by Salu (whoever the heck they are). rarey? Even if they are, I'd much rather have the standard carts, these are tacky!

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