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Another auction question


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I wasn't able to go to the last auction in York, but I plan on going to the auction on the 31st in Cherry Hill. My main question is how are they run? I have never been to an auction and only have seen them from movies. Do you have a paddle or something that you hold up when you bid? The auction on the 31st is an US Amusements auction. I have read from various posts to bring a long extension cord. Is there any other tips? Is anybody else going to the auction on the 31st?



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I am planning on going to the auction on the 31st, and will hopefully be selling a game if I can get the refurb done in time.


I haven't been to a US Amusements auction yet, but I have been to SuperAuction, so I can tell you how thier works, I assume US Amusements is the same. I have only been to a few auctions, so I am by no means an expert but I can give you some tips.


There is a preivew time in the morning, usually and hour or two where you can inspect and try out the games. Yes, you should bring your own extension cord, power outlets are provided but only enough for a few games to be plugged in at once.


If you want to buy, you must register when you get there and you are given a card with a number on it. The actual auction works just like you have seen in the movies. The auctioneer does the classic "fast talking" as he calls out the current bid. Simply hold up your number to bid. It's a little overwhelming when you first start but after a few items you will get used to it. The auctioneers at Super Auctions are pretty good, as the number of bidders for an item goes down they will make eye contact with the bidders to give them a chance to up the bid, or bail out.


Best advice I can give you, is that if you are thinking about buying something, decide BEFORE they start the auction for the piece, and decide how much you are going to be willing to pay. The auction goes very fast (sometime less then 30 seconds) and there isn't really time to think while it's going on.



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I have been to auctions before. Not a video game auction but never the less. Yea. You will get into it. Another thing to note it don't spend way to much time at one item during the preview. This seems to make people think it is worth something. Just kinda wonder around and look over things the same. Another thing is don't bid on it asap. Each auction is different and after the first few bids you will get the idea how the crowd is. I was at an auction once that nobody wanted to bid on a few items. Then whe somebody snapped out an offer then the bidding took off. So what I would do is just kinda make a simple offer. Even if they start out at a price of 100.00. Just mosey around for a sec. Then make a bid if somebody else did not already. Another thing to notice if somebody is making big bid asap. They shout out some over priced bid and seem to shy away other bidders. This can be good and bad at the same time. If you really, really want an item and not afraid to spend a certain amount. Their is no problem uping the amount. Yes, the auctioneer does this. But toward the end if you get tired of going up in small amounts. you can just say 500.00 or whatever you want. You can also check with the auction how to see if this is acceptable.


Well that is my two cents. wish you luck



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I have bought 20 or so games at auctions so far. I usually attend the SuperAuctions when they come to Dallas (I'm in OKC).


There are lots of good posts and FAQs on the subject, but here's my general advice.


#1, supplies. I always take a clipboard, my own pen, an extension cord, and a little flashlight. For moving games, you'll need more things -- rope, towels (to avoid rub), masking tape (in case things are flopping), and for God's sake, a dolly.


#2, check out every game you might remotely be interested in. At the last SuperAuctions I bought a Neo Geo cabinet that was "100% working." When I got it home, the whole right hand joystick cluster didn't work, and the game had garbled sound. Both ended up being easy fixes, but the fact remains: auctioneers are there to sell games for the highest price possible, which means they'll say just about anything. One thing I've learned is at these auctions there's no such thing as a non-working game, only "games that are working" and "games that were working this morning but we don't know what happened to them!"


#3, set a total price limit and a machine limit. When I walk around and look at games I'll jot down what I'm willing to pay for a machine. Sure, in the heat of battle we've all bid an extra $25 or $50 (or $100 or $200 ...) on a machine, but things work out a lot better if you can establish your limit up front and stick to it. That way you don't end up living under a bridge with your arcade cabinet collection.


That's about it. Everyone has their own style at auctions. Personally, I try and dress up a little. That way when people see me they think, "this guy's serious." If I see a kid with a backwards baseball hat (which is what I would usually wear!) I think, "eh, I can outbid that guy." But if you're up against someone with cash who looks like they're not leaving without that game, you're more liable to give up early.


Today at an auction I scored a Rampage World Tour with some monitor issues for $100 and a mint looking Capcom Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter machine for $250.


The biggest thing to remember is there's always another auction and there will always be more games. Don't get into a bidding war and pay $1000 for a game. There'll be another one next week or next month, and that other guy will already have one. At the last SuperAuction I went to, the first Neo Geo cabinet there sold for $400. The next one sold for $380. The next one sold for $350. There were about 15 of them there. I got mine for $125.

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