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Stan Awards for 03


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All I am waiting on is my label designer. Once those final drafts get past me, the awards will be produced, the presentation will be presentated, and we can FINALLY get them under way, MAYBE before next year's Stan Awards... :sad: :x :sad:


I'll keep you posted and I SINCERELY apologize for the delay there is nothing I can do at this point. Please don't lose interest in the awards and please don't give up on me. I PROMISE I will not pull a PlayNintendo.com on this.



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Yeah, I talked to Al and Dale at the show. I think Philly was the major backlog that slowed the process. But Al told me that now that Philly is over we are green light. Look for the Awards soon, trust me I'll make a big deal about it.


And again I apologize to all who have waited. This will NEVER happen again with the Stan Awards, I promise. And if it does, I'll just fold up and leave you all alone. :sad:

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