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Just thought I would take a moment to introduce myself, as I'm kind of new to these here parts.


My name's Rob, but I've been using Flack as an alias for 2/3 of my 30 years of existance (a'la Jack Flack, from Cloak and Dagger). I have several gaming consoles (everything from Atari 2600 to current systems) hooked up and playable at my house, but my favorite toys are console copiers, and coin-op arcade games, of which I now have 11, not including my MVS carts and a couple of spare JAMMA boards. All of my games have been acquired through local auctions or sales (in the OKC/OK area) and I'm always looking for more. As far as arcade games go, I'd say my knowledge is about a 4 or 5 out of 10. I've swapped out JAMMA boards and power supplies before, but haven't capped a monitor (although that's in my near future).


I've got my complete arcade collection on my home website, http://welcome.to/theoharas . In my spare time, I also run ReviewToAKill.com, and hang out on quite a few other message boards, including Digital Press'.


Nice to meet all you guys, I looking forward to getting and giving some information on these addictive 300lb chunks of gaming goodness!



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Nice arcade. You should put some appropiate posters on the ceiling!


I read about that auction you went to on your site where did you get

the other machines?


Here's the abbreviated version.


My wife and I bought our first house in 1995. I bought a video game out of the newspaper. Then I found out about a videogame auction, and bought two more, and then two more at the next auction that came through. A friend gave me a non-working game -- that made six.


In 1996 I ended up moving due to work, and since I was moving 1,800+ miles across the country into an apartment, I sold all my games.


In 1998 I moved back to Oklahoma and bought another house, but I knew we weren't going to stay there long. We sold that house and moved to our current home in 2002, a 2600 square foot beast with a nice-sized workshop out back. I knew I wanted to have some videogames again, I just wasn't sure where to put them.


I bought Shinobi cabinet and a bar-sized dart board at a local auction without a plan. Fortunately my wife had one, and for my 30th birthday, she single-handedly converted that workshop into the arcade you saw in the pictures, complete with black/white checkered carpet, the rope lighting, and lots and lots of paint. On top of that, she bought me an air hockey table, and my dad bought me a slot machine.


It's all been downhill since then. Of my 11 games, one came from my family, six came from local Oklahoma auctions, three came from SuperAuctions in Mesquite, TX, and one came from a seller on the Digital Press message boards (which ended up to be my worst game, and I drove the furthest for, from OKC to Austin, TX, a little over 7 hours one way). I also have 5 or 6 MVS carts now, two of which came in my Neo Geo games and the rest of which cames from eBay.


Two of my games need some repairs. My Rampage: World Tour machine needs a cap kit, and my Heavy Barrel machine's power supply died. I'm not sure if it's just a fuse or if it's the whole power supply. Hopefully I'll find out this weekend.


Oh, and as for the walls of the arcade, yes they are a little stark at the moment, but I've been working on a project. If it goes well, I'll post some pictures too and maybe even go into business producing them. If not ... I may end up with some extra firewood on my hands. :)

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