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Pac-Man faux level 256 revisited...


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Hey...if any of you want to feel this in action for yourself, I played this on MAME over several days and saved the state...


You can get it at:




Just put it in the "sta" subdirectory in the same directory as MAME is on your system.


Note that this might not work on ALL versions of the Pac-Man ROM...the one I use is simply named "pacman"; I know other variations have different names.


But all you gotta do is hit F7 to load the state, then hit "3". Now, clear the board - I left two lives available for this.

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Here ya go! I was surprised that the score only supports six digits, especially as one of them never changes!


I also included some snaps of games from the same session -- note how the graphics are still slightly corrupt.


BTW -- yes, you do see four Pac-Men at the bottom; I love dip switch settings in MAME. :)


THis was really something to see....all this time I'd been led to believe that the "split-screen" actually crashes the console, which obviously it does NOT. And the funky thing is you can still play it!


BTW2 - do a search on this board and you'll see that a couple years ago someone was selling T-shirts of a "level 256" screen cap slightly modified...





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Yeah you can reach the split screen in Mame by 1) turning on cheats and hitting F1 (rack skip) until you reach the stage. You can even advance past it that way if you want :P or 2) simply turn on the stage select within the cheat to go level 255.


Yes you can still play the split screen.. but you can never finish it. That's why there is a "maximum' score you can get in Pacman.. which includes all the dots on the left side of the split screen, and the various 'hidden' dots on the right side. From that point on however, your game is stuck on that stage until you die.


Incidentally there have been some arcade rom hacks from various people that do allow the game to continue on past the split screen on an original arcade cab. Kind of seems a little extreme to me though :P

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