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Border color in Galaxian


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What have I to do if I want to change the border color to black. I like the non border version Cybergoth Galaxian but not the colors of the new enemies (too dark). I got the original galaxian.bin and Hack-O-matic to make my own mother ship but I don't know, where I can find the border color to change it. Any help? (I'm not a programmer)

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Thank you, I have the info I need. And my first hack is ready: Galaxian with new ship (the shots start now in the middle of the ship, not at the left side), new Atari copyright typo and black borders. It's all I need.




For future reference, what line is the border color code in Hack-o-Matic?


Cool design on the ship.

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Thank you for your compliments.


First I only wanted a Galaxian without annoying borders and I find the Cybergoth version. But I doesn't like the new (more original arcade) enemy colors and shapes of that version. I like more the Atari VCS original.


How to make a black border: I use a Mac hex editor (HexEdit 1.8.9) to compare original Galaxian and Cybergoth Galaxian (arcade). Then I edit all 0F, 0E and 0D (which were different from the Cybergoth version) at the beginning ($1060 to $1CA0) of the code into 7F (like Cybergoth). I think that were 11 changes. It was some trial and error. You can re-color segments of the border seperately.


(There are many FC in original code changed to 44 in the Cybergoth version. What is that for? Any idea?)


Rest was done by Hex-o-Matic II on Virtual PC:


I made a new ship for my personal Galaxian because I don't like that StarTrek like original of both versions (I want more StarWars or Galactica design) and I want a ship that shoot from it's middle, not from one side. At last I re-designed the font of the Atari copyright line at the top. Now it's ready and I have no good idea what name (MyGalaxian, NuGalaxian?) I should give that version.

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There are many FC in original code changed to 44 in the Cybergoth version. What is that for? Any idea?


Now I know: That are the new colors of the enemies.



The name of the game is: Galaxian ND (= New Design)






How can I put it on the AA hacks download page?

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