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Galaxian ND is ready


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Thank you for the very kind comments.


It's a pleasure to see my own design in other games. (Is someone able to help me with my problem, that I can't hack DefenderII/Stargate? – another topic...)


Here is the .BIN of Galaxian ND 1.0 (hope to see it on AA hacks):




I hope I can produce some carts with my label. Have fun!

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I really like this Galaxian ND hack as I am a big fan of the original but just wish they had got rid of the border. I am another one who likes the Atari version better than the arcade. I was just wondering if there is a PAL rom of this floating around somewhere or a way that it can be purchased on a cartridge? I am going to have a retro games stand at a fete for high school aged students. I think the version without the border will be better at promoting the joy of the Atari 2600. They have enjoyed Video Olympics and Warlords in the past. I have seen the Galaxian PAL60 Arcade version and think it is fantastic but I would also like to get the original without the border if there is one available. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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