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My first jamma cab, anyone know what it is/was ?


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Hi all,


Just got my first jamma cab, because of space issues I was going to wait but saw this small sega cocktail style machine and couldnt resist. :)


Its currently running thunder dragon , which is fun but want to get some more boards soon. This has 2 sticks placed at opposite ends to each other and set up for vertical games.


If anyone has any idea what this cab was before the conversion I'd really love to know, looked on klov but cant find it.


Also, any ideas about good vertical scrolling games I should get for it ??

(Especially any top down 2 player games, perhaps tennis or football or something ??)


Pictures at this link, thanks to Cassidy for hosting it for me.




Any opinions/info greatly appreciated ! :D



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Ok, not sure what size these will come out......:D


sorry if theyre big........


details on outside cab plate : sega enterprises ltd, 240v, 50hz, 120w, serial : 28848 , made in Japan.


Inside cab it says 100v, 110w. Dated May 24th 1979.


Any suggestions on boards I should get ? I think I'm fairly limited by the nature of this machine......






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Frogger may have made sense actually, but the layout of the sticks (Which look kind of original, Im not sure ?) suggests something different possibly......


Sega/Gremlin 1979:  


Deep Scan  


Head On  

Head On 2  



Assuming the sticks are not original, head on 1/2, invinco or deep scan look the most likely, thanks for that ! :) (Just looked on klov)


The weird thing is the top half of the machine , allowing for the dodgy paint job on the screen surround underneath the glass , looks original , the bottom is a bit of a mess, looks like it was raised a little possibly ??


Cant see where the sticks were added so to speak, no obvious new woodwork /frame..... :?


Hoping Cassidy will find out something, although theres little to go on so Im prepared for the fact I may never find out exactly what it was anyway :(


Still though, if I could find out and try to convert it back to original form that would be cool ! :) Although finding a board could be tricky...... :(


Any suggestions on vertical scrolling boards i should be looking for or if you have some for sale please let me know.....

especially 2 player sports if any exist......?



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I have seen a Head On machine in person (all the ones I have ever seen are black and white; ironic that MAME versions are color), so I think we can rule that one out.


After going over KLOV, I am leaning towards Deep Scan, because it did come in a color cocktail. It was not uncommon for operators to reuse cocktails, but it would have made sense to convert a color one (not a black and white one) due to the savings on buying a new monitor. The shots you sent certainly show the monitor to be the right 'style' for that era, no bells and whistles (very Sega style).


Controls are still wrong though...you got a toughie there, Si! Any UK collectors here have a coin mech he could have?



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