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Berzerk Help!


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Ok im having problems trying to change the wall layout in berzerk

i know that it's possible as there are other hacks that take advantage of this

Eg: High Noon, Otto's Revenge


But i dont know how to do it my self also the color addresses would be nice :D  


Thanks! :)


The color locations are listed in the Quick Draw topic. :)

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Yeah...this part of the code moves the playfield GFX to the screen...


LF964: CPX    #$56                       ;2

      BCS    LF99D                      ;2

      STA    WSYNC                      ;3

      TXA                               ;2

      LSR                               ;2

      CLC                               ;2

      ADC    $83                        ;3

      TAY                               ;2

      LDA    LFB01,Y                    ;4

      STA    PF0                        ;3

      LDA    LFD01,Y                    ;4

      STA    PF1                        ;3

      LDA    LFE01,Y                    ;4

LF97D: STA    PF2                        ;3

So $FB01, $FD01, and $FE01 will all be displayed on the same scanline...and that data is flipped for the right half of the screen.


Edit, run, edit, run, edit, run...

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