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Hackin' Bank Heist, need help.


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I'm doing a little hackin' on Bank Heist (graphic changes). Here's what I would like to know:


How do I change the colors of the cars?


Is there any way to change the look on the maze walls?


Is it possible to edit the mazes to look different?

Everything is possible, it just depends on how much time and knowledge you want to invest.

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I think I've got the maze figured out...the edges of the maze are loaded at $FF09 (which is stored to PF0). The other 2 bytes are loaded from a table...


      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE00 Maze1 PF1 (1st line)

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE01

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE02

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE03

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE04 Maze1 PF2 (1st line)

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE05

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE06

      .byte $FF; |XXXXXXXX| $FE07

      .byte $00; |        | $FE08 Maze1 PF1 (2nd line)

      .byte $00; |        | $FE09

      .byte $00; |        | $FE0A

      .byte $00; |        | $FE0B

      .byte $00; |        | $FE0C Maze1 PF2 (2nd line)

      .byte $80; |X       | $FE0D

      .byte $01; |       X| $FE0E

      .byte $10; |   X    | $FE0F

      .byte $39; |  XXX  X| $FE10 Maze1 PF1 (3rd line)

      .byte $39; |  XXX  X| $FE11

      .byte $3C; |  XXXX  | $FE12

      .byte $3F; |  XXXXXX| $FE13

      .byte $7C; | XXXXX  | $FE14 Maze1 PF2 (3rd line)

      .byte $9F; |X  XXXXX| $FE15

      .byte $F9; |XXXXX  X| $FE16

      .byte $73; | XXX  XX| $FE17

...and so on and so on. Basically, it skips 4 bytes for each line it reads. Maze 1 starts right at $FE00, maze 2 would start at $FE01, etc.


Keep in mind that PF2 data is reversed (so a visual screen pattern of XX--X--X would be stored as $93)

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