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Game Idea: Shapes!


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I recently thought of an idea for a homebrew game and I wanted to get your opinion on if it would be fun or not. I also wanted to see if maybe someone has created the game, or something similar to it, allready. The tentative name is SHAPES! It is a puzzle game where you must select the proper shape to fill in the center of the shape shown.


Fire Button - Places shape in center

Up / Down - Changes your choice of shape to fill the center

Left / Right - Moves the focus to the shape on the left or right

Take a look at the mockup screenshot below. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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I guess I did not explain it fully. Let me give it another try. The game will have different levels of play.

Easy - 4 shapes per row, 2 rows, 30 seconds time limit

Medium - 5 shapes per row, 3 rows, 40 seconds time limit

Hard - 6/7 shapes per row, 4 rows, 50 seconds time limit

With each level the total number of shapes in a level may change, say 5 in easy, 7 in medium, and 10 in hard. This will make it more difficult when you are trying to select the proper fill. The game is not a puzzle game in the sense of figuring it out, but it is a puzzle game in a race against the clock. I hope this explains it better.

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Pretty much. I couldn't think of the name of the board game that is why i did not mention it before. I thought it would be better to add something more to it though. That is why I was asking everyone's opinion to see if it would be any point in making it.

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