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Twas your idea ya know! :D :lol: I can't find the bucket anywhere as well. Nukey, I was going to ask if you would change the flying sperm white, the trunk which was the cannon a skin color, the ground floor purple, the background maybe dark grey.? Just if your bored as I am. Both you & Out of gas have me laughing my ass of!


Cheers :lol:






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Sure thing...I've run a disassembly of it, and just experimented with the values saved to the color registers. Since I had to add in a few bytes to take up the slack left by changing those colors to be loaded in immediate mode, I moved one of the subroutines to the end of the assembly. Everything is noted, but you should not move the data at the end, because there is still a vector someplace that holds the digit offsets...if you need more space in the program area, just find another subroutine and move it to the end of the file :)



Binary, disassembly, and cfg file: (colors altered)



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LMFAO-Tank ya Nukey! I am just about finished on compiling mactari tools to aid with color change, assembly, and disassembly of bins etc. Cheers and if you have anyother changes you can think of post em!. I am going to try and plug a midi in this one too. This is just a rough draft!


Cheers :D

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