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STAR PATROL(a Star Ship hack)


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Ok, first question, WHY did I do this?

Well, I know its a turkey, but I actually like this game.

All I did was make the space ships look like better space ships.

Made them turn like they was flying towards you.

Made Asteroids look more like asteroids.

I didnt fool with lunar landing.


Basically there is not much saving this game, but hey, I tried. LOL



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I hacked this one about 6 months ago to get rid of the big space robots and fill in the asteroids too! I don't think I posted it ..


I'll try your hack .. Interesting to have the ships turning towards you! Nothing much to save the gameplay though.


Rob Mitchell, Atlanta, GA

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see, a moratorium on certain hacks is a good thing. We have already seen a Game of Concentration hack, now a Star Ship hack. neo is doing a Frankenstien's Monster hack.


What a better place to be! :) :) ;)


you hacked Star Ship??? :roll: Back to Berzerk Escape with you! :P :P :D

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Stan don't forget dodge blinky or rimshot?? jk dodge blinky is out of the questions used pacman ghosts! Cheers and yes stan is right some not so hacked titles are a breath of fresh air! The ships coming at you is a cool feature. Star ship always needed a life preserver when it came to game play. I agree I love this game. Hope ya feel better dude!


Cheers :D

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Nice job on the update. Too bad Atari didn't have the know-how to have made it more like their Starship 1 (my favourite arcade game from the late 70's - shows my age). See, another favourite (I meant the arcade version - I passed on the VCS one) from my past gets hacked!


Your label has inspired me... :)

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