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Hi !


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Hi All,


I am new to this forum and I am really please to meet all of you. I've been collecting video games for more than 15 years. I come from Europe and I just moved to California, so I though it would be the best time for me to start looking for game prototypes as I am really interested in game history. I have been looking to do this for the last 6 years and here I am, at last :)


Nice to meet you all !!!



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Welcome, are you the same lkermel I see on eBay lately?  :)


Same guy. One of the nicer people that I have dealt with on eBay and my kids love that I sold something to someone who worked on the Harry Potter films.


Welcome to AtariAge. By the way, CPUWIZ or Tempest might be two of the people that you might want to contact to buy legitimate prototypes. Some of the ones that you bought off of eBay looked questionable.

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Hi ,


I think both of you got it right ... It is really nice to see you, I mean, to meet you here :)

I am pleased your kids loved HP, even if I've only worked on some 'scary' scenes... but I wasn't part of the third one, I moved to California so even if I am doing the same thing now, I have much more free time, and I can spend it with my wife ... and with my hobbies ;)

I see what you mean about the 'questionable' protos but they were cheap and I still need to do some research as they are not Eproms but still they are hand soldered...

And CPUWIZ, about your question, I am not really sure yet, I would like to maybe spread it to several systems... I started about 4 months ago and I have bought about 11 protos, without counting the 'questionables' ;)

3 Gameboys, 3 Atari 2600, 4 Lynx and 1 atari 5200... but the real issue here is to decide my wife as I already have about 1600 games and more than 60 consoles... she doesn't really see the point of buying games half finished and without box art ;)

And I have contacted Tempest already,I was the other bidder on the amazing lot of 20 atari 5200 protos on Bidiots and I was in a meeting when the auction ended.... bah :) I contacted him a couple of weeks ago.

But I saw he was selling some of them back, I will contact him again soon.


Thanks and hope to write a bit more soon :)

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