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Crazy Climber Arcade

dr. kwack

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OK Ladies and Germs after a few months off, I have returned and brought forth Crazy Climber Arcade. I was a fan of the game in my youth (although I sucked at it) and was shocked in my college years to hear about the 2600 version. It wasn't quite up to snuff so here's what's new...


Crazy Climber himself has a bit more girth. He was too thin in my eyes.


The "Mad Doctor" has a nose and looks a bit more like his arcade counterpart.


The Doctor drops a better looking flower, the same fruit basket, and a pop bottle instead of the water bucket.


I added a vulture-esque beak and eye to the big birdie.


I never made it very far in the arcade, so in my eyes the rest looks OK. I'm open to suggestions on the power line, girders, and signs.


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I love this one so far. Crazy Climber is my favorite game of all time. I love all the graphic changes. Can you give the windows when they close a "vector feel" or "window pane" look? This would probably increase the diffaculty and fool people into thinking the windows are open. Nice overhaul on everything! Cheers 8)

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