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7800 pads


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Those 7800 gamepads show up all the time on Ebay. 20 bucks is the flat rate they sell for online at some vendors as well on ebay. I haven't used them myself, but I can simulate it using my Genesis game pads. I still prefer an actual joystick as I feel like I have more control over precise movements that way.


Let us know how you like them!

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I use the genesis controllers too, much to the dismay of my genesis but I guess I like my systems to have the proper controllers with them. I like the 7800 sticks alot, but when you start having trouble with them, it's time to move on. control pads for any system never give me trouble though, even my original NES ones still work fine. Sides, it has the neat atari logo, so how can I lose?

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The 7800 pads aren't bad at all. For certain games, though, I still prefer the sticks. In Xevious, for example, I like to be able to keep firing my air-air cannons while bombing ground targets at the same time, but it's almost impossible with the pad controller.


On the other hand some games play better with the pad, IMO. I have much better luck with DigDug on the pads, for instance.


- FH -

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I always wanted a pair of those mysterious controllers that showed up on Atari catalog posters. They would have come in handy, because my Pro Line joystics actually began wearing out from use. And you thought it could only happen to the 5200 joysticks! :-) I remember one joystick of mine was so loose from being used that I could just shake the base slighty and the character would move. I can't remember if it was the same joystick, but I had one with the plastic smashed out of the top of the handle. The little metal rod could poke through, and the handle would move freely up and down. Those were the good old days of excessive video game playing.

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