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Jinks is also playable in the New MESS...


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Not sure if anyone cares about this game. But I on a whim since lots of other games were broken I decided to see what was fixed. Low and behold Jinks is now playable again...well as playable as it could ever be that is..


just an FYI...

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What I find particularly interesting about Jinks is the opening screen. The one with the voices.

Welcome! *Boioing!* You can't catch me! Yeow!

Why on earth would the Atari people have put Gauntlet sounds into this game if the sounds weren't already available on the 7800 development systems? There's got to be a 7800 Gauntlet prototype hiding out somewhere...

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I've always wondered about that myself. I bet there is a Gauntlet proto somewhere, but since 7800 protos are few and far between I doubt we'll ever see it. The best thing about Jinks is the title screen, it all goes down hill after that...



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I always guessed that Dark Chambers was as close to Gauntlet as they'd get. Is it so different from Gauntlet?


I've theorized that it actually is Gauntlet, but there were problems with releasing it under that name. Any ideas?


Re: Jinks

1) What does the title screen signify? Who is the falcon/bird?

2) And is the game conquerable (I seem to recall playing Level 1 repeatedly, and it got harder each time until it stayed about the same)? Anyone ever take it farther?


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There doesn't nessessarily have to be a Gauntlet prototype. The original C64 version of Jinks has a nice SID tune with sampled voices in the intro. The TIA chip in the 7800 isn't really capable of this type of music. Therefore the 7800 version of Jinks uses a little sampled tune for the menu music. Maybe Peter didn't have enough space to fit in a sampled version of the intro tune as well, and thought the Gauntlet samples fittet the game just as well.


The 7800 version of Jinks was programmed by US Gold in the UK, which I believe also did the computer versions of Gauntlet. I would habe been no problem to take the samples from one of the Gauntlet version for one of the 8-bit homecomputers, as they all used the same 4-bit volume changing technique to output sampled sounds. But I guess you could just ask Peter Pachla where he got the samples from. I think he is still active in the Vectrex programming scene.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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