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Mojo's Fav's:


Your a tough nut to crack, but I'm still doing my sleuthing. Here is my preliminary guess. If you only get one guess then I suppose this will just have to do. :)


most imbibed hop brewed concoction: Samuel Adams(who doesn't love SA?)

favorite sugary snack: warheads

you play the air guitar as you listen to: Beck

and you never tire of playing: Oystron


some of these guesses were wild and some done with more reasoning. :)

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1) Binary Limrick


There once lived a dog named Code

Who loved to play in the road

Then one day

while playing away

A truck came and made Code explode


2) Hex Poem


Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because he was dead!




I have no idea! (Not the answer :P )

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One day Mojo went to a INCUBUS rock concert had a big tall glass of BUDWEISER. He felt a little hungry so he at some Reases Peanut Buttur Cups. He decided that although the band was playing great that he'd rather just go home and play Thrust+. He did just that and had a wonderful time the rest of the night. The End

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As we all know now Mojofltr loves biting the heads of fish, Swedish Fish that is, while cranking up the tunes of Radio Head. How sinister he is!!! :evil: In fact just last year under the guise of helping a little old lady across the street he snatched her purse and made of with no less than a 1,000 grand! :x Now he sits in his home and counts his cash and thinks of ways not to spend it. He may be a miser, but he couldn't be the wiser for saving a few carbs and tossing back the best beer around, Bud Light.

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did I mention his home is a Cave? geez......this is getting stooopid. :dunce: I was in a rush.


By the way Mojo you know you still like to play Oystron and how in the world do you not like Sam Adams Light? Oh well, Cave 1K will do and Bud Light always makes for a good night. ;) So you like Radiohead, eh? Where do Beck and U2 come into play? I wish I was winning a 1,000 grand, but a xonox cart will make my day.


I know, I know. What a terrible paragraph. Obviously, I'm no Liquid_Sky here. :P

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