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Senso 7800dx demo slipped...


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No rush, your the man behind the wheel of your own project. I say take as long as you need and focus more towards making the game you really want to make and not making something to satisfy us. That mistake is already made all too often in the software business now.


In fact, now you see why so many game companies try not to but a date on when they expect something to be released or finished because of delays which always come up. Just use the politically correct response of "It will be done, when it is done." And you will be more the happier.

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  • 2 weeks later...

new version 0.3 ready (but not uploaded yet...)


- pal/ntsc check implemented esp. for eckhard ;=)

- big sprites working

- game logic for game mode "1 player easy" started


more to come later...


as i am coder on 8bit machines since 1986 i have to force me to think it is a rom cartdridge... because i wanted to have the player scores "INC"ed in ROM... fortunatly i found this bug before it causes me nightmares... ;=)



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