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Bad Panda Birthday Contest

Bad Panda Bear

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Tommorrow marks my 29th and last official birthday. (Next year I shall deny any knowledge of this "birthday" concept). To celebrate I should probably throw a party at which I would receive lots of presents. Oh wait...that would involve interacting with other carbon based life forms...nevermind.


Instead I'm going to give away a present. One NTSC Arcadia Supercharger, pictured below. This unit has been tested and cleaned with rubbing alcohol. (Although I couldn't get all the dust out of the corners).


All you have to do is guess how many 12 ounce pop cans are strewn about my apartment. To help you make an educated guess I will give you the following hints.


Hint # 1: Pictured below are the 12 packs that 99% of the cans came from.


Hint # 2: I last cleaned my apartment of cans 3 to 4 months ago. I probably didn't clean up the corresponding 12 pack boxes however.


Hint # 3: I average about 1.5 12 packs a week


Hint # 4: Every work day I take a can into work, which usually doesn't make it back to the apartment.


The person with the closest guess wins. I will ship anywhere my local US postal service will let me. If there is a tie the first guess wins.


The contest will end Monday June 21st at 12:00 am AtariAge time. This gives me the whole weekend to get off my butt and find those cans.



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Assuming you are not leaving some 200 odd cans lying around because you live in an apartment, I am going to low ball it and say 16 cans are strewn about the place. Even this seems a tad much but I just can't imagine an average sized apartment with hundreds of pop cans rolling around in the background.

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And the number is...



Oesii was the closest at 101, but the rules clearly stated that the contenst ended at 12:00 am AtariAge time, and his post was at 12:25 am. Sorry. :sad:


That makes Mr. FoodMonster the winner at 150. PM me with your address by tommorrow night and I'll get the prize shipped out to you Tuesday morning. I'm going on a business trip this Wednessday until the 30th, so if I don't get your address by then you'll have to wait a bit longer.


I'm rather surprised at the low number. It leaves me wondering just how long I've been collecting empty 12 pack boxes. One of these days I should throw them away or something. I scare me.

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