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HSC1 R13: Drop Zone


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Welcome krupkaj!


I think my arse is going to get a beating this week!  :o


It seems you did put your hiscore in to early ;)

I was never really good in this game, but scores should be only put in above 30k points. Let's see what I can gain this time...


This week is back to the original rules so you can submit as many scores as you like :)



I prob wont get much more than 30K I believe!

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For comparison our scores in the ABBUC Bundesliga (Highscore Chat):








The first season of the ABBUC Bundesliga ended.

Watch our final standings:




Next season will start in september. New members are welcome!!

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I think this is the best game we have played so far (and I really like hero :D )


And this may be a tip, but I find it easier to hit things if I am flying toward it. And for the trailers, sit in one spot and slowly fall and keep shooting at it. (I think the "trailer level" is pretty tough)




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Tips or secrets.....well I guess I don't have much of that, sometimes it simply seems to "flow" :) .


The only real tip I have is for the "trailers" I try to get them to come to the top of the screen and follow me up there and simply try to turn around and shoot them one by one. Oh and don't forget to really use the cloak to it's fullest on the higher levels since it's really the difference between failure and success when it gets real hectic.


That's about it I guess......oh another tip, don't be afraid to use the "smartbombs" on the higher levels either since they're really needed.



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