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Paddle Contollers


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It's probably just dirty paddle controllers. Do you have any other 2600/7800 systems to test them on? You can also try cleaning them. I use silicon spray, just pull off the paddle knob and spray it inside the pot. You can also try self cleaning it, turn the knob back and forth to the farthest ends about 50 times. That sometimes works to get it working a little better. Good Luck.




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I'm sure it's probably the paddles, the player one side gets used a LOT more and unless you found some new boxed ones that have been sitting on a shelf for twenty years, they've probably been used a lot.

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Originally posted by dhudson:

Cleaning didn't work. I even took a pot from a good player two side and put it in a player one side. Player one side still didn't work correctly. Could this be a problem with the 7800? I don't have another 7800, or 2600, to test.


Could be...although it's quite possible that the problem actually lies in a short in the cable somewhere, which would explain the pots not working correctly even if you switched them. I tend to believe that that is the problem rather than a problem with the 7800 itself, but since you have three sets of paddles that all do the same thing, maybe it is the 7800. Have you looked at all the pins of the 7800's controller port to see if any are bent or broken? All I know is that my set of paddles works fine on my 7800, so it's definately NOT a design flaw.

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