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Game Idea: Bit


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It's called "Bit" and basically follows the adventures of a little character similar-looking to the Adventure square. The plot of the game is basically following his life at home with his wife and kids, and at his job. His 'job' is being the villain in Atari-type games, so an average day might include him walking to work, then floating around in a game like Centipede, avoiding the hero's shots. He gets paid by how long he stays alive and maybe has to do another 2 games or so before going back home to his family, wherein the game would be sort of like a free-roam Harvest Moon type of game until he goes to bed. It would generally be funny and heartfelt.


I'd post art but I've done that several times already so if a coder's interested in this kind of an idea, discovering the life behind your average Atari badguy, post below and maybe we can whip something up.


- Adam

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