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New Contest: Bling Bling

Atari Charles

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This is a new and relatively easy contest.


The winner shall recieve $5 U.S. paid into his paypal account. The question will follow.




-You must have a PayPal account.

-I will transer $5 U.S. into the winners account

-You will have to answer the folling questions 100% correctly



Questions about BLING BLING(a real person who appeared in a film that I mention briefly in another post)


1. What is Bling Bling's favorite gun?


2. What are two things Bling Bling is good at?


3. Why are Bling Blings Front Teeth mostly missing?


4. What will you hear when they are comin'?


5. What was the first film Bling Bling appeared in?






PM me your answers, The first person to get all four correct, will get $5 deposited into their paypal account.

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The deadline for someone to answer all four questions is Friday 11:59pm. If no one has Pmed me with the correct answers, then the contest is over. I will give one hint, Bling Bling appeared in 2 films called Bumfights 1 and Bumfights 2.


Again you must have a Paypal account I can wire the money into.

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If you haven't seen Bumfights one and two, they are well worth watching whether you agree with the content or not. Just don't judge Bumfights without watching it.


"And when they're comin' you're gonna her this: ??? ???

And when they're comin', you're gonna her this: ??? ???


The first one,

was a Musket Gunn

9 mm

Bling Bling's favorite the ??? ???


And when they're comin' you're gonna here this: ??? ???



His song can be found in Bum Fights 2


Heck if you don't have it, download it. You have to watch what Bling Bling does and says in Both one and two to find out the answers to my riddles.

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Don't judge watching people who exploit themselves for money until you have exploited yourself too!



Bumfights 1 & 2 has given Bling Bling a type of celebrity status and income he would have never had by himself.


A little known fact: Bling Bling had three encounters with aliensClose incounters of the first kind, close encounters of the second kind, and close encounters of the thrid kind.


Watch the free video clip:



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Forget about this crap. The only thing worth watching is Bum in a Blender. They pay bums a dollar for every minute they can hold a body part in a blender on the highest speed. So far, Stinky McNasty is the champ at 29 minutes and 42 seconds. No one can beat his record! No one!!!

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