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In the spirit of the Olympic flame...

Cousin Vinnie

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I'm glad the olympics are over, so now we don't have to hear the whining and hype about how it's been 50 years since Canada won the gold in ice hockey.


I mean, the broadcasters made it sound like Canada just HAD to win the gold medal? Just HAD to. And something about how Gretzky took a big chance to be the organizer of team Canada and all this.


What happened if they didn't win?


Is Canada a much better country now because they won? I just don't get it.


I gotta admit, though, curling doesn't seem too bad. About like bowling, except its on ice. I wonder, though, how many kids grow up dreaming of not being a hockey or baseball star, but a curling star? Not a lot of physical prowess involved to the untrained eye, and the lane always stays slick...

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