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tank command


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Water Ski has been getting cheaper and cheaper since I first started collecting. At first, I use to see it go on ebay for $50. Now people can only get $20 for it.


Tank Command is a different story. It RARELY shows up on ebay and when it does it goes for big bucks (sorry I've been watching Press your luck on gameshow network)

I got my Tank Command off another atariage user for $40 for just the cart. My advice is to be patient and constantly look on ebay.

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I think I found mine off one of the Atari newsgroups... or a website retailer. I could look it up, but I'm certain they wouldn't have any.


Tank Command is THE rarest game for the Atari 7800, last I knew... at least I'd say that for 1999 when I was really looking at all of these 7800 items and how hard they were to find.


Comparatively, Tank Command is more rare for the Atari 7800 than Battle Sphere is for Atari Jaguar. Price wise, I would say Battle Sphere may be an $80 USD game (not the outrageous prices it goes for at auction) whereas Tank Command, in mint condition with the box and instructions, might net as much as $100 USD.


Good luck finding the cartridge only. Best of luck finding a collectible copy.

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