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pineapple2000 - Best. Game. EVER.

Radio F Software

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:P This is my hack of Space Invaders called, "pineapple2000". I've done some cart art for it so far, and I've finished the hack, it's my first ever hack. I'm still trying to see how to put in the information for ROMs so Stella reads it with Developer and Programmer filled in and not blank.


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Ok well, this hack is indeed finished, but right now I am at school, so, when I get home today, I will be doing one final test and then this Hack is off to The Internet! :P And hopefully Albert will list it on Atari Age ^_^.


Also, if anyone here wants to help me put this into a cartridge it would be MUCH appreciated! :D

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I've made a REALLY great update to this game. The letters R A D I O and F have been replaced with a Strawberries, Grapes, Pears, Oranges, Cherries, and Apples. :) Now it looks better. The RADIOF version will be released later as the Limited Edition.


Anyways, file is attached for your playing pleasure!


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