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HSC1 R23: Dot Munchers


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Im going away later this week and will be gone all next week, therefore Im goin to run a 2 week contest with 3 games:

Pac Man


Mousk Attack


Play on default settings - Contest ends Friday October 8th Midnight EDT


I will update scores most of this week and then no updates until the 9th or 10th.


Dot Munchers




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Mousk - 6000 - need some work here


Pac Man - 24750 - IM happy with that one ;)



The Original PacMan.exe that I attached does not work correctly - Please download the ROM that is now attached - it is correct.


The .exe version runs fast, ghosts act differently and I didnt get a bonus pac at 10K



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Seems like the Dot Muncher category went across like a plate of dried spinich :P


We have 1 more week of it though :)




I managed to get a few sessions in. Probably will do a couple more this week and next week. Just been busy with other stuff (usual pc maintenance) and messing with Sims 2.


I have a whole block dedicated to the AtariAge family. Nah... Just kidding.

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