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Where are 7800 games rated?


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There is much debate about which games are best & worst for the 7800. I have seem some sporadic ratings in sites, but nothing comprehensive. Is anyone aware of a site that reliably and comprehensively rates all the games for the 7800? Preferably the ratings should be based on user input. As a game player first and collector second, how good a game plays is the biggest factor in my wanting to acquire it.

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Im gonna plug my fave 7800 site now.



Reviews galore, quoted from page:


Soon, all 7800 games will be reviewed. Currently, these are the games with finished reviews: Ace of Aces, Alien Brigade, Asteroids, Ballblazer, Basketbrawl, Centipede, Choplifter!, Commando, Crack'ed, Crossbow, Dark Chambers, Double Dragon, Dig Dug, Fatal Run, Fight Night, Food Fight, Galaga, Hat Trick, Jinks, Karateka, Mat Mania Challenge, Mean 18 Ultimate Golf, Meltdown, Midnight Mutants, Motorpsycho, Ms. Pac-Man, Ninja Golf, One-on-One Basketball, Planet Smashers, Rampage, Realsports Baseball, Scrap Yard Dog, Super Skateboardin', Title Match Pro Wrestling, Touchdown Football, Tower Toppler, Water Ski, Winter Games and Xenophobe.


That enough for ya?


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Speaking of...I am long long overdue for another review over there...Vinnie any special requests you want completed next? I know you want F18 and F14 done...and I can handle that...given time...


I really need to not overextend my help so much. I also help maintain Atari stuff for a UK based classic console site...not to mention my previous and latest review done for the now Museum only JoseQ's Emuviews site.

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Of course, there's good 'ole TAT... Has review scores from many walks of life combined into an average ratings list.



You can also get the Excel file used to create the list which shows how each game scored from each person.


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Hey Crossbow, any game you wanna do you can do. I know you like old arcade games...so Robotron, Kung Fu Master or Xevious would be good ones to do. And yes, I hate the flying simulation games, so rip on one of those if you want so I don't have to play them again!


Cousin Vinnie


PS: I think the Atari Times 7800 review list is excatly what angus jake wanted! It's a great site!

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