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HSC1 R24: Frogger!


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Well the disk verision looks way different than Gooch's scrrenshot. (It has the score in small numbers in the upper/left corner, and the word FAST in the upper/right corner) And then at the bottom it only shows the high score under your time at the end of the game.


If I get around to playing it on the emulator, I will submit a score, but most likely not.

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I found some time to play last night. Not very good at frogger, and I was playing the disk version I guess, but the gameplay is probably the same (?)




Sorry, no screen shot as I was playing on the real deal and my digital camera battery was dead. I hope to get another round in before the end and try again.

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I loaded up the disk version and lo and behold there is a difference - how do these things get out!


The disk version has the music throughout (more fun to play) - The disk version may also start out with an extra frogger - Anyhow, I dont care which version you play since the gameplay is the same and we are almost done this week.

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