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New to the 7800 scene


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Hey, King Asmo is sending me my first ever 7800 console. I have Impossible Mission and Galaga. But what games should I look for? Besides 2600 games. I have a massive heap of those now. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what might be a good next purchase?

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I've done the same....

Bought a boxed 7800 with 6 games

Asteroids, Karateka...loose carts


Donkey Kong, Planet Smashers, Crack'ed, Mario Bros all with box and manuals.


Same question: what are the top games for this console ?


and the crappiest too ?

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Well i dont have what look to me to be some awsome 7800 games like basket brawl,Fatal run, Midnight mutants and a few others. So from the 13 7800 carts i do have i would tell you to get Mario bros DOUBLE DRAGON MS pac man and xevious. They get alot of playing time from me along with galaga

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I would check out vinnys page and then go here to see if they have it


only get the ones that are $3.50 and under




and the ones he dont have this place might have for $5




I like these


Double Dragon

Fatal Run

Food fight

Midnight Mutants

Motor Psyhco

Ms. Pac-Man

Ninja Golf

Pole Position 2




Desert Falcon

Ace of Aces

Alien Brigade


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So what I'm seeing is the definite games to get so far are:

  • Ballblazer


Double Dragon

There seems to be a group love for these three at least. I will check it out. So, as far as Galaga and Impossible Mission go I'm screwed, since no one mentioned Galaga and I won't even be able to beat Impossible Mission.
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Centipede -7801

Asteroids -7802

Dig Dug -7803

Food Fight -7804

Galaga -7805

Joust -7806

Ms Pac Man -7807

Pole Position 2 -7808

Robotron 2084 -7809

Xevious -7810

Desert Falcon -7811


but there are better games that were made after as well these are just remakes of classics anyway


[ 03-16-2002: Message edited by: Lemmi ]

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Originally posted by Monster greifen an:

Ok never bought Ms. Pac Man but tomorrow I will. I now officially am the proud owner of a 7800 system. It's beautiful.


I agree, physically, the 7800 is beautiful to behold, very sleek and sexy, with almost a 'smoky', 'brooding' personality.


As always,

Markimus of K.

PS: the above line should be added to the "the top ten list for collectors"! 'brooding'??? hey Mark, you gotta get out more!

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I am new to the 7800 myself but I thought I could help out, here are some games that I think are worth playing



Desert Falcon

Hat Trick

One-on-One Basketball

Dig Dug



Here are some games not worth playing


F-18 Hornet

Crossbow (this game is worth playing but only if you have the light gun)

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