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7800 power supply


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I may be getting a 7800 system without power supply or anything. Basically naked. Anyways, I was wondering what is a good replacement for the power supply or is there a good place I can buy them for a decent price, or is anyone out there got one for trade?



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One thing I have noticed is that my Odyssey2/Videopac power supply is 10V and that the connector looks quite the same as my 7800 power supply....but I haven't tested yet.

Will do it soon and post my impressions.


It could be good because Odyssey2 power supply are easier to locate

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OK I've checked with the Odysse2 power supply:

- The connector is exactly the same as in the 7800 ---- > COOL

- The voltage is inversed ---- > BAAD


All you have to do, assuming you already have an Odyssey2 power supply is to open it (3 screws) and unsolder both outgoing cable (DC out) and simply cross them and then just screw again the 3 screws and voilà !

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I got that 7800 for 6 bucks with no hookups!!

Anyway, to moonlight night, I would give 5 bucks for a working power supply. I'm not sure what I'd have for trade. I'd trade a 2600 probably for the power supply and any 7800 game. Just a common cart so I can have one. The 2600 would be just the core, no hookups, but that aint a prob.



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