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HSC1 R27: Oils Well


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That great game is almost endless! I remember that me and my dad was doing scores like hundreds of millions, or even some milliard (u.s. billion). As you get every new life for 10.000 points I remember we had like full 2-3 rows of lives :) (if it was not some modified version, but I doubt it). It has just 8 levels, then starts over again with faster enemies and then again with even faster enemies but after 3rd round of 8 levels the speed will not change anymore. Anyway.. great game.

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(if it was not some modified version, but I doubt it)


There is a cheat version out there.


Also I have never actually tried for high scores on this game before. I played it a few times, but never got into it before now. I expect my scores to increase quite a bit as I play it more.

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Ok.. I think I was maybe a little wrong with my memory and the scores. It looks like it was hundreds of thousands rather than hundreds of million. At least as I tryied it once now, it would take too much time to get it. So it was probably just millions. I played it now in emulator on keyboard and it is terrible. Joystick is a must.


343 300



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I'm really starting to like this game. But, Sometimes I loose a life and I don't understand why. The counter isn't at 0, I don't see anything hit my line, It seems to happen when I am pressing the button to back up. I can't figure it out. (finally got to level 6).


Highscore so far 59570 Pic Coming soon.



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