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Time to Design -- engine is ready, boulders are ready...

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Hmm...maybe a strategy/puzzle game sort of like Adventures of Lolo for the NES? For those of you who never played it, it was an overhead 2-D game where you were this little blue guy and you had to solve puzzles in each room in order to move on to the next room. I don't quite remember all the game mechanics, but I remember it was hard and there was a lot of thinking involved...



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Chips Challenge is that sort of game, for example :-) (see earlier in thread,)


Comments ABOUT the game design would be nice, and if you already knew what this thread was about, it makes your reply even more suspect. Or did you just 'read' what the thread was about without actually achieving comprehension? Or were you just trying to pizz me off? :evil:

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I used to love Chip's Challenge. In a Circuit City near me, many years ago, they had a PC version of it running. I'd play it every time I got there, and almost always from square one, since passwords were such a nusance to remember...


It'd be great if it (or an imitation) were ported to the 2600. Just casting my vote, anyway.

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Chip's Challenge would be fun (and I love the Lynx version), but I think it's a bit too complex to pull off on the 2600, even with Andrew's cool engine. The more complex levels can have quite a bit going on, and there are many specialized tiles. I don't think the resolution of the tiles is quite high enough to do the game justice on the 2600, and I think the amount of CPU time required to maintain the state of all the tiles would cause the game to run at a crawl. Andrew, please correct me if I'm wrong. :)



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Andrew, please correct me if I'm wrong.  :)




What, every time? Wouldn't that be a full-time job? ;)


My engine manages to scroll the screen by actually redrawing every 'tile' that *changes*. If a tile doesn't change then it's not redrawn. I can actually only draw 2 or 3 tiles per frame, so to redraw the entire 10x10 screen would take 100/3 = 30 frames. Half a second. That's dog-slow.

So one has to be *really* careful about how the screen updates are done, and do things in stages that don't cause noticeable lag -- or if there is lag, have so much going on that the user doesn't care :)


Games like Boulder Dash ® are possible because there's not really a lot going on at any one time. So people doing game designs, firstly make sure that you have everything fitting into a 10x10 screen, made of tiles which are 4 pixels across and 18 pixels deep each (and not too many different tiles, thanks!). And try not to have TOO much happening onscreen at any time :)




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Comments ABOUT the game design would be nice... Or were you just trying to pizz me off?


Nope (and I comprehend just fine, thanks). Just pointing out that if you want to make your games a reality regardless of what Andrew ends up doing, Shockwave is a good way to go. No offense intended.

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i managed to get notbd...pal and ntsc on the CC2.But either the ntsc,nor

the pal version works.I only see a flickering on screen.What make i wrong?I use the right Bankswitching and 78BIOS.

For information;i own a 7800 Pal system.Hope someone can help.

:? greetings Gambler

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