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pokemon mini


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I don't know that Nintendo has released another handheld cartridge system. It looks like a gameboy original.


Back to the topic. Your projects look great.


The Pokemon mini is not a Game Boy. It is an original system about the size of the 'Pocket Picachu' systems (or a Tamagotchi). It was originally released in Japan in, I believe, 2000. It was released in the US in 2001. In both places, the system was only available at Pokemon Center stores and online.


The system is still available from pokemoncenter.com, but the individual games are sold out.


I've got one and it's a fun little system.

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is this not what 2600 coders like? ;)


2. Pokémon-Mini specifications

CPU: 8-Bits Nintendo custom IC, clocked 4.00 MHz

BIOS: 4096 Bytes, read-only

RAM: 4096 Bytes:

First 1056 bytes reserved for video

Last 3040 bytes for general purpose

ROM: Up to 1 Megabyte (8 Megabits)

Code is banked at 32KBytes

VIDEO: 96x64 Mono-LCD

Display tiles (with 3 different map sizes)

Display sprites (16x16, up to 24 sprites)

Flickering allows to add a 3rd color

Contrast Control

Moving tile-map (not scrolling!!!)

SOUND: 3 Levels of volume

Single-channel square-wave with adjustable pulse-width

Can read back timer values (since sound is assigned

to Timer 3)

TIMERS: 24-Bits seconds-timer (increments each second)

8-Bits 256Hz timer (increments each 1/256 of second)

3x 16-Bits timers with configurable pre-scale

(Timer 3 configured for sound output)

EXTRAS: Rumble motor

Shock detector

6-Slots RAM for savegames

RTC (real time clock) Build-in

IR transmitter / receiver

POWER: 1.5V (converted to 3.3V internally) with 1 AAA Battery

VIDEO TIMING: Refresh Rate: Variable (default: 30Hz)

Horizontal sync: unknown

Vertical sync: unknown

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